Burma or Myanmar, extending over 2000 km from north to south, is the largest country in Southeast Asia. It is full of magical landscapes and a rich culture steeped in history. Traveling in Burma means discovering its luxuriant nature, its turquoise water beaches and its ivory colors, which are full of millenary treasures; the Bagan Plain, a former Burmese kingdom, home to more than 2,000 pagodas and temples as far as the eye can see; the incredible Inle Lake with its stilt houses and floating market guarantee travelers a complete change of scenery and a real human experience. The province and its landscapes are not the only treasures in the country, in Yangon (former capital called Yangon before) the traditional buildings and its golden temples mingle with modern buildings inherited from British colonialism and its green forest and its forests. natural lakes. Myanmar is today more and more open to the world and the humility, kindness and generosity of its people are proof of this. As you can see, a trip to Burma is full of surprises because of the diversity of its landscapes, its historical sites and the splendor of the surrounding nature.
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